Marie Harnett

May 2024  |  Exhibition

Tracing Absence

Two drawings are part of the group exhibition ‘Tracing Absence’ at Cristea Roberts Gallery. Abandoned objects, rooms and buildings, empty roads and lonely horizons become ambiguous scenes, to which only a trace of life that came before or after is alluded. The exhibition runs from 10th May - 2nd June 2024. More details can be found here.

Works:  Room 1 (2018). Pencil on paper. 8.7 x 16 cm
Room 2 (2018).  Pencil on paper.  8.7 x 16 cm

May 2024  |  Exhibition

Drawing Biennial 2024

I Shall Come Here’ has been donated to the Drawing Room’s 2024 Biennial. 
Thr exhibition opens 3rd May and runs until 3rd July 2024. More details here and a video from the studio can be found here.
Every two years the Drawing Biennial proves to be a highlight in Drawing Room’s programme – a critically acclaimed exhibition showcasing around 300 drawings from some of the most interesting artists working across the globe today. This year’s Biennial is a vibrant pulse-check of contemporary drawing in 2024, as well as a vital fundraiser that provides Drawing Room with funding for the next two years of activity, supporting artists and our community through championing drawing.

December 2023  |  Exhibition

‘The Printmaker’s Art: Rembrandt to Rego’

Four mezzotints and the tools used to make them are to be part of ‘The Printmaker’s Art: Rembrandt to Rego’ at the National Galleries of Scotland. The exhibition opens 2nd December and runs until 25th February 2024. Further details can be found here.

October 2023  |  Interview

‘Realist Artists on Realist Art’

An article discussing what it means to be a realist artist in today’s art world can be found in White Hot Magazine, by Jonathan Orozco. To read it online, please click here.

October 2023  |  Frieze London 2023

Eight new drawings are to be part of ‘Frieze London’ opening in Regents’ Park on the 11th October 2023. The drawings can be seen on the Cristea Roberts Gallery Booth, A06. The fair runs until the 15th October

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